Enthusiastic fans singing along to the tunes by the guest DJs and Utaites.

aniSONIC Countdown x J-Festival 2017-2018, a unique countdown event for followers and fans of anime, anikura (Anisong Club), cosplay and Japanese pop-culture, took place on 31 December 2017 at D’Marquee.

aniSONIC Countdown’s DJs and Utaites.

Artistes and Utaites – DJ Caesar, utaite duo CLEANERO, utaite Matsushita, utaite Underbar, cosplayer/DJ Kuroneko – were flown straight down from Japan to whip up the excitement at the aniSONIC Countdown. Singapore’s very own DJ Dano also graced the stage with her heart-pumping spins.

Kuroneko signing a fan’s shikishi.

Fans were also given the opportunity to get autographs from their favourite DJs and Utaites prior to the Countdown event.

The event was partnered by ANILOVE!!, a monthly cosplay-friendly DJ-Party in Shibuya. Helmed by the popular DJ Caesar, ANILOVE!! Features DJs that specialise in anime, seiyuu and vocaloid music and attracts an estimated crowd of 300-400 every month.

For those that weren’t the partying type, aniSONIC Countdown had something for them as well. The J-Festival, which takes inspiration from the typical Japanese matsuri (festival), is a free access area right next to the aniSONIC Countdown that is catered to foodies and Japanese culture fans.

Here are more photos taken during the event:

Everybody counting down to 2018.
CLEANERO performing for the aniSONIC Countdown.
DJ Caesar performing for the aniSONIC Countdown.
Underbar performing for the aniSONIC Countdown.
Kuroneko performing for the aniSONIC Countdown.
DJ Dano performing at the aniSONIC Countdown.

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